Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ten Reasons Kyra is Awesome

 Kyra: Here are all the reasons that Mommy absolutely adores me:

1) I'm fantastically attractive.
2) I actually hold on when she's carrying me (unlike Amber).
3) I never refuse to eat my dinner (unlike Chloe).
4) I never throw anything on the floor (unlike both of them).
5) I've never pooped in the tub (hello, both of them).
6) When I poop on someone, it's normally Daddy.
7) I never complain about shopping in the stores Mommy likes or watching the shows Mommy likes or listening to the radio station Mommy likes.
7) Pretty much everything Mommy does is perfectly fine with me.
8) I'm engaged on Mommy's level - when she talks to me, I look at her and smile instead of watching television.
9) I don't ask for new toys every time we go out.
10) I've never even heard of the American Doll store.


Anonymous said...

she really looks like your mom in the 2nd photo

Heather Kelley said...

Wow - she totally does now that you say that!