Monday, August 5, 2013

Busy Weekend in Smyrna!

Amber: It was a magical weekend, indeed!  We got to take the day off on Friday to take Kyra to the doctor and then we went shopping, got our pictures taken, bought wings, and packed up to go...
 Chloe: ...visit Grams and Grampa!  Grams was all ready for us with this new pool, bubbles, and all sorts of fun things.  We even got to spend the night!

 Kyra: I had fun, too - this lady said that I was the good one.

Chloe and Amber (in unison): WHAT?!

Kyra: Oh, nothing... carry on...

Chloe (rolling eyes): Anyway, we had a blast!  Amber and I love to take all of Grampa's stuff and repurpose it for our own use and he seemed to really be on board with that.

Amber: We also liked using Grams' art supplies...

Chloe: ...yes, we are very creative.

Amber: And, whenever Grampa would try to hide from us, we would find him.

Chloe: Yup.  I find that he can't escape if we both sit on him and make him watch Disney, Jr. or Dora.

Amber: Agreed.

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