Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Roaring at the Swim Club

Chloe: Here we are, roaring at the swim club!

Amber: I love roaring!  

 Chloe: Me, too.  I also love swimming in the tiny pool, but Mommy kept making me get out because my lips kept turning purple.

Amber: Yeah, she's a real pill.  She bought us those masks, some little toys, bought us Sonic...

Chloe (interrupting): I LOVE those corn dogs!

Amber: I know, right?  Anyway, she brought us to the pool, played with us constantly, and still, I don't know.  Just, you know...

Chloe: Not fair.

Amber: Totally.  We should whine about it.

Chloe: Oh my God, you're right.  We SHOULD whine about.

Kyra: Yes, you SHOULD.

Kyra: Because I'm fine with being the favorite.

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