Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Don't Just Shop; Q"

Mommy: When the American Red Cross in Philly included an online auction in their 2014 Red Ball, I saw that one of the items was called, "I Love QVC."  How could I not bid??  I was sure that I would be outbid, but I wasn't!  So, for a nice size donation to the cause, I was treated to a fabulous goody bag and tickets for the All-Access Tour.
I'm not sure what I was expecting, but we were treated to a three hour tour, fabulous lunch, and a goody bag.  Take a look at the adventure had by Beth, my mom and I as we made our way thru the Q!

During our visit, we were able to go on all of the sets featured on the Q, sit on the stages, pose for pictures...

...and see what the hosts and guests see.  This shot shows a screen on the right which demonstrates what is currently on TV with the screen on the right which shows the next shot coming up, the time left in the segment, and if there is a caller being patched through with the caller's name, location, and item purchased.

Q through the years - some of the company's historical items, including the first chairs used by hosts and guests... and the phone they used on air.

Proving there is something at QVC for everyone: the top piece is from the QVC Nascar car.

These types of signs are posted throughout the building, reminding the employees about the importance of customer service... not that they needed a reminder.  We were very impressed at the top notch service we received throughout the tour.  We interrupted so many people during their work days and everyone was delightful and happy to meet us.  I suggested to the tour guide that QVC offer customer service seminars to businesses.

Here we are, on the kitchen set...

Here's Mom, "cutting lemons" on the kitchen set.  We had a wonderful conversation later in the day with one of the chefs who explained all the details about food styling, meeting famous chefs, etc.  He was awesome - told us lots of great stories and spent a good amount of time with us.

This is the set that Isaac and Shawn are always on - my favorite!

I swear, I really thought this was outside when I've seen this on TV!

Think anyone would mind if some of these went missing??

Not pictured, but we also got to visit one of the control rooms, audio, graphics, master control, an editing suite, the location where they store items to go on air and prep them, and much more.  It was QUITE the day!

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