Friday, May 2, 2014

Last Weekend... In Time for This Weekend

Kyra: So Mommy is finally getting around to posting our photos from last weekend... just in time for THIS weekend.  Oh, that Mommy.  Anyway, I'm going to take the reins on this blog and tell you what's what.  So, last Saturday, she packed us all up and we went over to the Y for Children's Health Day and the fun walk.  But, then, there was no fun walk!  But, our Mommy... she made us do it anyway.

Kyra: When she succeeded in making Amber exercise and catching up to Chloe, we checked out all that the Y had to offer... As you can imagine, I was not invited to do the craft, bounce in the bounce house, or do any of the fitness games.  But, I did score a new (TOTALLY AWESOME) tooth brush and some cheddar bunnies which Chloe said were made from goldfish.

Kyra: Amber was not so much with the fitness games, but she did agree to do the obstacle course.  Chloe, however, did the obstacle course, the game that involved a lot of jumping and push ups, and then she kicked three goals in a soccer thing.  Based on her hard work, we got a bunch of raffle tickets and then we won a $20 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods AND a $40 gift card to Acme.

Kyra: I don't really care about any of that.

Kyra: Chloe played in this weird thing, which sadly did not involve real money.
Kyra: Then, on Sunday, they ditched me!  They made me stay home with Daddy and they went off to a craft fair.  They also didn't let me partake in the face painting fun*.  Plus, Chloe and Amber got to be models for this cool business and then the lady gave them hair clips.
I was not a model, received no hair clips, and I had to stay home and nap.

* Note from Mommy: I hate face painting like poison and it is.every.where.  So, at the Y on Saturday, I finally threw up my hands in desperation and loudly announced, "Chloe, I will give up every eyeliner I own if we can get out of this line.  Do you want to be Bat Girl?  Or a cat?  Or a butterfly?  I can totally do that.  I HATE THIS LINE." 

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