Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The New Water Table

Chloe: This is so cool!  Mommy said she was going to get us a water table this summer and on Saturday, it arrived!

Amber: She was waiting for a sale, and it came at a perfect time because it was so hot and humid!  I wish we didn't have to give up the sand box, though.
Chloe: I know.  But Mommy said that we weren't being responsible.
Amber: What?  It was ONE TIME that you put a ton of sand in my hair and then she spent days getting it out of my fro.  ONE TIME.
Chloe: Yeah, but remember that time we didn't listen and we threw handfuls (or bucketfuls) of sand on the porch and Mommy didn't realize it was still there and then cats peed in it and she started screaming like a crazy woman?
Amber: Ah, yes, I remember it well.
Chloe: Yeah, so now we get water and she's getting rid of the sandbox.
Amber: Well, it sucks, but I have to give this one to Mommy.  I mean, the porch finally doesn't smell like cat pee, you know?
Chloe: True enough.

Kyra: Wait.  So, I'm just allowed to play in this woh-woh as much as I want and splash it around and I won't get in trouble?

Really?  So, this is DIFFERENT from the toilet, then?

Kyra: Amazing!

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