Monday, August 31, 2009

Chloe post: Oh, the Parties I will Throw...

...When I have my own room! On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy took me to Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's house so they could babysit me while they went and met the home inspector to look at our (potentially) new house! Daddy says that we have to remain cautiously optimistic that everything will work out, but we're all getting really excited! Our offer was accepted and now there are inspections and appraisals and paperwork and things like that which don't really concern me. What does concern me is that I will get my own room! I am so excited!

Mommy also said that sometime we will get swings for the backyard - we have a nice big backyard that Daddy will have to mow so I can play in.

All my loyal readers: please think good thoughts for the paperwork and all that stuff. We can't get too excited until everything goes through because Daddy said we will jinx ourselves. (But, when Daddy isn't looking, Mommy does little happy dances. Hee hee hee.)


PS. I am starting to wave at people. I practice when I'm playing with my toys so that I can start trying to do it "in context." At least, that's what Mommy says.

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Anonymous said...

Grams here....Chloe I am so excited for you.....keep us posted!
Kisses for my girl xoxoxo