Friday, October 2, 2009

Captioned by Chloe

"Mommy took this photo to show how tall I am getting. 25th percentile for height - HOLLA."

"Mommy and Daddy like me to sleep at the other end of the crib, but sometimes I like to chill with my peeps. They miss me when I am all the way at the other end."

"I got to hang out with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop last Saturday so Mommy and Daddy could go celebrate Aunt Stef's birthday. I would have liked to go, but was not given the option. Mommy and Daddy don't know what they're missing, though, because Mom-Mom has cool toys that we don't have at home."

"Auntie Lu gave me this cool bear, Rupert. He came in a neat little suitcase, which Mommy said I can have to play with as soon as I stop putting everything in my mouth. I know where she hid it, though. Heh, Mommy."


stef said...

so cute

Anonymous said...

Grams here!
It is about time Chloe that the blonde lady posted some new photos...I was going through baby withdrawal!
Kisses to you xoxoxGRAMS