Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chloe post - All the latest

Well, there is just so much to report! I learned to clap (finally, that was tough, but I have it down pat), my walking is improving every day and... there was something else... oh, right! Mommy, Daddy and the bank all got together to buy me a house! It's so exciting... I am less then 2 weeks away from my own room!

Mommy said it's a good thing, too... I am running out of room in our little apartment. I keep returning to areas that Mommy and Daddy want me to avoid. I like to try to spin the wheels on the laundry cart. And Daddy's bike. And the jogger stroller. Whenever I do it, Mommy says "that kid is BACK on the escalator," which makes Daddy laugh, but then I laugh at him laughing and don't believe him when he says I should leave those wheels alone.

Anyway, here are some awesome pictures of me on the move:


Anonymous said...

Grams here............this is TOO CUTE! THis time next week Chloe you can walk to me!
Kisses to my girl!

Anonymous said...

grams here...follow up post....why doesn't this baby have socks on?

Anonymous said...

Grams here!
Chloe I am so o looking forward to seeing you on Friday.Just wanted to tell you to be extra nice to Mommy and Daddy this is very hard to get everything ready for you to get into your new room.
Kisses to my favorite girl...p.s. I hope the mean old dr. didn't hurt you to badly today.

Claire said...

wow!! walking?? that's amazing! we're just learning that. aunty gave him a neat car he can push, so anyday now, he'll be on his own.