Monday, October 12, 2009

Still sick, but need to post some photos...

I've been a very slack blogger. I'm still feeling kind of yucky, but I can just feel Grams sitting in her cabin, just itching for new Chloe photos.

Miss Stella was the photographer at the zoo last week, so I still need her to send me her photos, but in the meantime, here are two that were on my camera:

When we picked up Miss Stella to go to the zoo, Chloe was so confused... "why isn't she at school where she belongs?"... but in the end, Miss Stella is Miss Stella! It doesn't matter where she is, Chloe is a fan.

Of course, we had to get all decked out for the NKF walk at the zoo since we were walking with the Phi Sigs! We ran into a bunch of collegians and they loved our matching letters.

I know I've talked before about how much I love the teachers at Chloe's school, but I also have to give a shout out to the other families. I've loved becoming part of this community and often bring in things that didn't work for us (i.e. peas, diapers she has grown out of) to see if they can find a home. I thought it was so cool that Zavier's mom brought us this little scooter. Her daughter is a bit too old for it and since it's so girly, she thought it would be better for Chloe than Zavier! Chloe doesn't completely get it yet - she's not quite tall enough to have both feet flat on the floor, but it does help as a walking helper when she pushes it...

...and speaking of walking, guess who has started it?!!

On Friday, I was greeted with "CHLOE WALKED TODAY AND WE HAVE A PICTURE OF IT!" I was so excited (a little sad that Ed and I weren't the first to see it... another cost of being a working Mommy), but so excited that she did it. Miss Lady was all sorts of giggly when I got there... she KNEW that she had done something really cool. It was so neat. And then she did it while I was there... and all weekend long. She can't do it for long, but she manages a few steps. So, it won't be long before she's just running thru life... and as Grams said when I told her, we are in trouble.

My girl likes to EXPLORE.


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Anonymous said...

Grams here! It's about time for new photos....I was having Chloe wihtdrawal! Our baby is getting
soo o o big! Kisses to you and see you realsoon!
xoxoxo Grams