Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chloe Post: Big Mommy Turned 90

On Monday, Mommy turned 36, which I thought was pretty old until she and Daddy explained that Big Mommy had turned 90! Wow! To celebrate, we went to her party and sang and danced and hung out with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop. Big Mommy was so excited to see how big I have gotten and to learn that Baby Amber is on the way.

Pop-Pop let me play with his phone to pretend to call Pah-Pah and Mom-Mom introduced me to everyone. I had such a good time, smiling at everybody and chasing Mommy around the table.

But, the best part was dancing! I love to dance!

Unfortunately, Mommy does not know how to line dance, so I was forced to try to learn it on my own.

Mom-Mom said I did a good job. :-)

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grams said...

Look at that girl strut her stuff!
Kisses to my girl xoxox