Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chloe Post: I Love the Zoo!

On Sunday, Mommy and I picked up Mom-Mom and met up with some of the Phi Sigs to do the National Kidney Foundation Walk at the Philadelphia Zoo! This is my 3rd year at this event. Last year, I mostly hung out in my stroller and the time before I was in Mommy's tummy.

Here I am with Logan in the Children's Zoo - we had a lot of fun driving this tractor!

I really liked taking care of the goats by brushing them and petting them.

Mom-Mom did not.
She said that I'm her hero because I am so brave.

When Mommy and I went to the zoo with Sam, this baby giraffe was much smaller and would follow the mommy giraffe all around. Now, it was bigger and much more independent. Like me.

Whew! We had so much fun, but Mom-Mom and I were really tired at the end!

What a good day!

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