Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chloe Post: We're Having Weather

Mommy figured we'd have a bit of a break between the 90 degree days and my needing a winter a coat, but she was wrong! It was 52 degrees when we left the house on Monday. Thank goodness I have finally grown into the winter coat that Aunt Diane bought last year.

Isn't it so fabulous? It's lined with fur which I'm sure is mink and it has two puppies and a hood. Also, Mommy is not getting this Vera Bradley lunch bag back. It's mine now. Just FYI, Mommy.

Today, it was warmer, but it was raining (AGAIN). Rain is when watey comes from the sky. Oy. Thankfully, Mommy hooked me up last night at Kohl's with some new fall clothes - I got three pairs of jeans, two sweatshirts, two long sleeved onesies, two pairs of PJs, one Christmas ornament and a toy. Amber got a lounging outfit and one Christmas ornament. Mommy got one tee shirt. Poor Daddy got nothing. I'm actually fine with this division of wealth.

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