Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Party!

Amber: And so today?

Chloe: Today is the Easter Party! Mommy and I made cookies last night... we made sugar cookies with red sprinkles, orange sprinkles and yellow sprinkles. I want to eat one with yellow. I already told Mommy and she said she would tell Miss Mel. I want yellow. A yellow cookie. Yellow.

Amber: Yes. Yellow. I heard you. Will there be candy?

Chloe: I'm sure there will! Probably beans!

Amber: Will I get any candy?

Chloe: I won't lie to you, Amber. It doesn't look good.

Amber: Easter sucks.

Chloe: I still love you.

1 comment:

John said...

they are just too cute. i love chloe's hat. poor amber will just have to wait until next year for candy. my ruby is almost nine months old and wants to eat everything, but she will only be getting puffs in her basket. have a great easter!