Monday, April 18, 2011

An Uncomfortable Glimpse into the Future

Chloe is fond of talking about all her friends and at the top of the list these days is Erin. Sometimes I refer to Erin as Chloe's BFF and sometimes as her frenemy. Some days they are like peas and carrots and some days, they just seem utterly disinterested in each other. Lately, though, Chloe is all about the love for everyone in her class (except for one boy who she pronounced "yucky" - I think there was toy theft involved).

On Friday, when we got to school, Erin was first in line for a hug from Chloe and she was so excited, "Erin, I love you! I love you, Erin!" Hugs and giggles all around.

Oh what changes a weekend can rend. Today, Erin was not pleased with Chloe (maybe with anyone) and refused Chloe's advances. She wanted to talk to me and wanted to know where Amber was, but not only was she not in the mood for a hug, she actively did NOT want one. Chloe being Chloe persisted and was rebuffed. On the second attempt and second rebuff, Erin pushed her a little (not hard and not meanly - more of a "I told you no back off lady" kind of way) and Chloe fell back against me (also not hard - no injury) and immediately became hysterical.

She could not be calmed by me or by her teacher or by me again on my second attempt. When we asked her what was wrong, all she could get out was Erin's name. I tried to explain that sometimes people are not in the mood for hugging and maybe Erin is just having a bad day and Chloe shouldn't have hurt feelings. "ERRRRIN!!"

The only thing that would calm her is, of course, Erin. She did not warm up to a hug by the time I left, but did engage in some conversation... and Chlo, desperate for any attention from her friend (or today, her frenemy), took it and ran with it.

I got a sudden glimpse of little Lindsay Lohans on the playground and stolen boyfriends in high school and best friend break ups every other week and for the first time in two years, thought to myself, "maybe boys would have been better."

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Anonymous said...

You know how the Sweet Valley High author wrote a sequel? Clearly, she needs to write a prequel. A preschool prequel!