Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter!

Chloe's Updated Easter Egg Dance of Joy, complete with a mouth full of candy and her new Flower Girl hat being knocked off in the sheer JOY OF SPRING. And bunnies. And candy.

The sweetest thing for me about Easter this year was how Chloe couldn't wait to share it with her sister. She kept saying, "Amber wake up? I show her basket?" She kept running for the stairs and was so thrilled when the sleepyhead finally woke up so she could show her the loot that EB left for her.

Look how tranquil and charming Amber looks, surrounded by goodies. Later, she turned into a stark raving nut job, but for awhile before (and after - she was on best behavior at Aunt JoJo's house), she was utterly calm and lovely.


Side note: After Chloe discovered her filled basket and found all the eggs hidden in the living room, we had the funniest conversation.

Me: Chloe, do you know what Easter is really about?

Chloe: Yeah.

Me: What is it about?

Chloe: Don't know.

Me: Well, when the son of God, Jesus Christ, was betrayed by his friends and crucified, he arose from the dead and we celebrate that with Easter. (Chloe nods.)


Chloe: The Easter Bunny goes hop! Hop, hop, hop into my house with basket! Hop with me, Mommy!

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Miranda Olson said...

Easter means "Hop, hop" to me too Chole. :)