Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Captions from the Wedding

"Make-ups are for big girls so I not have to share this with Amber. This mine."

Sam's dress is bigger than Chloe's. What is up with THAT? Whose wedding does she think this is, anyway?

Chloe and her pals, PattyAnne and Kate.

My updo cost $65 + tip and took 45 minutes, one hair tie and 46 pins. Chloe's was done in 30 seconds by the bride and required one hair tie and one headband. And I like hers better.

Here is Chloe and everyone in "her" wedding party.

Let the tears begin.

At least Gigi's first experience with this nutball clan was paved with cocktails.

I love this picture of Josh and Grams... and wonder where the hell Grampa was for the entire wedding since I have no pictures of him at all.

I love this picture.

I am not as drunk as I appear. Ed is. You should have seen him on the dance floor! Scaring the white people! LOL

This is one of my favorites from the night... I just happened to have my camera up and ready as Uncle Josh and the Flower Girl made their way through the crowd.

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