Monday, September 19, 2011

On NOT Being a Flower Girl

Amber: There is going to be a lot of discussion over the next week or so about Chloe. You see, she's telling everyone about "her" wedding this weekend and how "bootiful" she's going to be. If I could say the word, "Samantha," I would be happy to point out to my dear sister whose wedding it really is, but alas, I cannot.

What I do know is that there has been an endless parade of outings for Chloe... go buy the dress, go pick up the dress, get the dress altered, pick up the altered dress, figure out the bow, go to FIVE STORES to find shoes, etc. etc.

What I also know is that Chloe is a doll baby for Sam... right up until the time when Patty Anne or Kate shows up.

Further, I know that *I* would have been a TRUE AND LOYAL FLOWER GIRL. If I had been asked. Which I wasn't.

Finally, that one may be "bootiful," but look at me. I'm a-freakin-dorable.

Chloe (off-screen): Yeah, but you can't walk down the aisle.

Amber: Curses! Foiled! I'm off to tie Lillian Gish to the train tracks.

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