Thursday, October 6, 2011

It Was Monday and I Couldn't Cope... and This Conversation Really Happened

Chloe: Oh, MOMMY! I wear THIS today! I wear this!

Mommy: Chloe, it's really too cold for that...

Chloe: I WEAR IT.

Mommy: Chloe, it's 50 degrees outside, you can't wear a ballerina costume.

Chloe: I WEAR IT.

Mommy: Chlo, I don't think that will work.

Chloe: I WEAR IT.

Mommy: Sigh... Ok, I will make you a deal - you can wear it, but you have to wear tights and a cardigan.

Chloe: OK! OK!

(Mommy searches for tights - find a pair, but they do not match. Mommy cares not. Finds a white cardigan.)

Chloe (pointing): I not wear that [cardigan] or that [tights].


Chloe: No.

Mommy: Then no ballet dress!

Chloe: All-riiiight.


(We get ready and go outside to get in the car.)

Chloe: Mommy, you take my picture!

Mommy: Chlo, why don't you dance for me?

Mommy: Chlo, I said "dance."

Chloe: This IS dancing.

Mommy: Oh.


It is worth noting that none of the other parents at school even NOTICED this ensemble - they were all as Monday shell shocked as I was. Also, this ballerina dress is too powerful for school - it brings out a dark and demanding side of the Chloster. When I arrived, she said, "Mommy, I had a rough day." When I looked at her teacher, she confirmed, "IT WAS A ROUGH DAY." Ballet costumes are now only for the weekend.


lyn sutz said...

oh Heather it only gets better-and for the books it was kind of a cute outfit,lol
Lyn Sutz
p.s. you should have seen some of Rachel's outfits-which she will deny

grams said...

It was a rough day because you forgot the pink boa. The outfit was NOT complete!
- gp

grams said...

The previous comment was from Granpa...I think it needed a hat!
Kisses to my girls xoxox