Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weekend Recap

Amber: We had such a busy weekend... just like we always do! Mommy finally got some photos of Daddy and I at Water Babies.

Amber: We like to swim right next to Chloe and Mommy. And then we celebrated all our exercise by going to Perkins for breakfast! After all the aerobics paired with the carbohydrates, Daddy and I were ready for a nap! We skipped Chloe and Mommy's outing to Haverford Township Day, but they said they had fun.

Amber: On Sunday, we visited Aunt JoJo, Uncle Fuzz and PattyAnne. I have been working on my dancing and finally learned to clap! Everyone was so enchanted with me that they completely left Chloe to her own devices... it wasn't until later we discovered that she was trying to make footprints with Bingo markers.

Chloe: I'm very creative.

Amber: Yup.

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grams said...

Chloe you could have given yourself a pedicure! Kisses to my girls xoxoxox