Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We're Communicating!

Amber: Mommy and Daddy are always trying to get me to sign things since I refuse to speak to them. They are always saying "Eat, Amber? Do you want to eat?" while tapping their mouths or they say, "More, Amber? Do you want some more?" while tapping their fingers together.


Sometimes I throw them a bone and do weird things with my hands so they think I'm listening.

Mommy especially enjoyed this one. I kept putting my hand up and then she would slap it and then she would put her hand down and I would slap it. We both laughed and laughed.

I have no idea what we were talking about... turns out, neither did she.

Mommy: Daddy! Daddy! Amber and I are communicating... but I don't know about what.

Amber: Heh! Just as I planned! I'm the mysterious one.

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