Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Amber My Baby"

Last night on the way home from school, Chloe announced that she was going to be a mommy. Ed and I said, "Yes, someday..." and she said, "No, I a mommy now." We tried to explain that she needed to be older and we got the stock response that we always get when we say that: "I older now."

Then, Ed said, "Well, Chloe, you can't be a mommy until you have a baby, so you have to wait until you get a baby."

"Amber my baby."

"Well, no, Chlo - Amber is Mommy's baby."

As Chloe's face fell, I was quick to point out, "She's your baby SISTER, though."

Chloe thought about this for about thirty seconds and said, "But, I cook. I a good cooker."

Daddy was perplexed for that one until I said, "Yes, you help me cook -- you're practicing to be a good mommy."

Daddy finally caught on and said, "Yup, Chlo, but you have to practice a lot to be a good mommy... when you get older, you could be a mommy... maybe not as old as Mommy, though."

If I hadn't been driving, I may have kicked him.

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