Monday, December 5, 2011

Reporting in from the Lights at Rose Tree Park

Chloe: Mommy said she had a surprise for good girls on Saturday if we behaved and listened all day... it was hard, but I'm glad I did my best. We had so much fun at the Rose Tree Park Festival of Lights!*

The festival had lights all over the trees, fun displays we could walk right up to and touch, little houses that had open windows I could peek through and a visit from Santa! I had seen him already, but it's always good to take a moment and remind Santa that you are a good girl who likes Pinkie Pie.

Chloe: When I told him that Pinkie Pie is my favorite pony, Santa smiled as if he already knew! Maybe Mommy really HAS been talking to him like she said!**

Chloe: I also made Mommy climb a big, muddy hill so I could walk right up to the reindeer! Rudolph my favorite reindeer - I love to sing the song about him whenever I'm not trying to be a Rockette or watching White Christmas.***

Chloe: Here I am, dancing with Christmas-delight!

Amber: Where was I?

Amber: Oh, right.


Notes from Mommy:

*This was really pretty cool. The display is not huge (you're done in about 15-20 minutes), but considering the price of Longwood Gardens, I'm all about Rose Tree Park. It was free to go in, free to park my car, free to meet Santa and take my own picture, free to drink hot cocoa. Big thumbs up here.

**I have been talking to Santa and he knows about Pinkie Pie. And Fluttershy and Apple Jack and Princess Celestia and Rainbow Dash. Rarity and Twilight Sparkle will have to wait.

*** FOUR TIMES this weekend. I mean, I love me some White Christmas, too, but FOUR TIMES. This morning, I heard Chloe announce to an imaginary crowd, "And now... The HAYNES SISTERS!"

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