Monday, December 19, 2011

Amber Post: My Party!

Amber: I totally forgot about my party! With Grams arriving and Christmas coming, I totally forgot! But, then Mommy started baking and Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop showed up with balloons and stuff and then people started getting here...

Amber: Plus, we had these awesome hats and Mommy hung up some lanterns with Elmo and the guys and we had really yummy snacks.

Amber: Here I am with Mommy BEFORE I got cake in my hair.

Amber: Everybody sang me a nice song and then...

Amber: ...there was cake. Cake is freakin' awesome.

Amber: Plus, there were presents!! I got new outfits, a back pack, a Pooh bear, two balloons and this awesome Kewpie doll! We have a big sister Kewpie, but this one is mine, all mine. Mom-Mom found it for me because Mommy thinks I'm just as cute as she is!

Amber: I love my birthday - and I get another one next year!!!

Amber: Until then, I'm out!

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