Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chloe's Birthday Day

Today, at 3:22pm, this little girl will turn three years old. Her father and I are in utter disbelief.

Here she is with Daddy on the day she was born.

Here she is with one day of clean living under her belt.

And here she is, four days old, dressed and ready to go to the doctor. Look how her sleeves and pants are all rolled up. This was a 0-3 month size outfit and it was WAY too big on her.

Today, she is three years old and poised to take over the world. I was holding her on my lap the other day and puzzling over the fact that she used to live inside my body. Now, she's too busy for even a cuddle - there is dancing to do and tea parties to throw and baby dolls to prepare for nap time. It's all gone by too fast.

Happy Birthday, Muppet.

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vinobaby said...

Happy Birthday Chloe!