Monday, January 9, 2012

A Dancer is Born

Chloe: Of all the times I have looked bootiful, I have to say that this is my crowning moment. I have never been so bootiful, so graceful, so GIRLY in my entire life.

Chloe: I am a Fancy Dancer. Sigh...

Chloe: These are all my new friends, each more beautiful and graceful than the last. I know none of their names.

Chloe: We learned oh-so-much in just one class... we learned the importance of balance and putting our feet in the right place. Don't worry - when I lost my balance, I bent over and put my feet back into Third Position.

Chloe: And then at the end, we danced with scarves! Dancing with scarves is one of my best things!!! Finally, we all sat together and embraced ourselves and said, "I am a beautiful dancer."

This is just the best thing ever.

Amber (off screen): She will now be IMPOSSIBLE to live with. Thanks, Mom.


vinobaby said...

Darling. Although, now I have the lyrics to Tiny Dancer stuck in my head. Not a bad thing. You must be such a proud Mama!

lyn sutz said...

and a new prima donna is born-soon the papparazzi will be following