Monday, January 30, 2012

"I am a BOOTIFUL Dancer..."

Chloe: What a terrific dance class I had on Saturday! I was wearing my new ballet dress from JoJo and instead of dancing with scarves at the end, we danced with puppets. That's for-e-fography, you know. Plus, we learned bon mots (those are kicks) and lots of other fun things.

But, the best part was the very end.

You see, there are other fancy dancers who have been in the class for a little while and they know each other. So, at the end, they hold hands and dance together. I very much wanted to hold hands and dance with someone, but it looked like a lot of the cliques were already decided. Mommy worries about "these things happening already," but I don't really know what she means. I just wanted to find a dancing friend.

Then, the most wonderful thing happened!

A friend picked me! This is my new friend, Juliana. Isn't she so bootiful and friendly? My mommy and her mommy took lots of pictures of us dancing together. I was so excited to dance with my new friend!!

After our dance, we all sat down and gave ourselves a big hug and said, "I AM A BOOTIFUL DANCER." Then, we got stickers. Dance class rocks!

*For-e-fography = choreography in Chloe-Speak...

P.S. From Mommy: Yes. These things *are* happening already.

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