Monday, January 23, 2012

Chloe's Birthday Party!

Chloe: YAY! Today is my birthday party and we are wearing matching princess dresses! YAY! I love birthdays and princess dresses!

Amber: I've tripped on this dress 47 times and I've been wearing it for 10 minutes. It's going to be a long afternoon.

Chloe: Look at this cake Mommy made - I love it! You should know that Daisy Duck also wears a purple dress and shoes, but Mommy said free hand is hard.

Chloe: Here's Aunt Diane! I love my Diane.

Amber: We have you to thank for these dresses, don't we?

Chloe: This is such an interesting time - they are all singing to me in homage, which I find thrilling and embarassing all at the same time. Sing on, peeps.

Chloe: Excellent job, Mommy, but I'm just going to eat the sprinkles even though I insisted the cake be strawberry, which is silly since I will not eat the cake because there is more sugar on the top.

Chloe: Oh, will you look at this? Aunt JoJo found a doll that is NAMED Chloe and is a BALLERINA! Just like me!

Chloe: Mommy said I can wear this new ballet dress to class next week!

Chloe: I got so many nice new presents yesterday: My Little Pony activity books (with Pinkie Pie on the cover!!!), lots of beautiful new clothes, a princess book with my name in the story, Tiana and Rapunzel play sets, ballerina books, my new Chloe doll - so many nice things and I'm so thankful... but, I have to tell you all: Sam is the one to beat. She threw you all down the steps at Christmas time with my new princess kitchen and just look what she found for my birthday. A Rapunzel doll with a MATCHING DRESS FOR ME.

I must have been an AWESOME flower girl.

Amber: Rah, rah. Now, take this dress off me and find me some jammies.

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