Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Party!

 Chloe: Hi, Amber.  Hi, Ethan.

Amber: You're a cutie, you know that?

 Amber: I love that kid, he cracks me up!

 Chloe: Aunt Diane's party is a good place to practice modeling, so I dunked my head into the wagon full of water to get the "just off the beach" look.  What do you think?

 Amber: Eh, try to be more natural, more fluid.  Watch me for tips.

 Chloe: Like this?

 Chloe: What about this?

 Amber: Um... well... just stick with me, kid - I'll help you up your game...

Amber: ...I mean, later I will.  Aunt Diane's party is like a marathon, man.  I need a nap!

Note from Mommy and Daddy: Thank you, Aunt Diane and Uncle John for such a wonderful party and such a lovely visit - we had a great time!!

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