Friday, August 17, 2012

"Up Thru the Atmosphere, Up Where the Air is Clear..."

 Chloe: Ah, so relaxing.  I've been wanting a kite* for some time and it is all I imagined.  The billowing, the flying, the control... I love it.

 Amber: What?  What are you talking about?  What are we supposed to be doing right now?

 Amber: ...Oh... I see what you did there.  Okay.  Neat.

(pause, watching kite)
(yup, still flying)
(oh, someone ducked because they thought it was a real seagull* - heh)
(ducks are better than seagulls)

...Seriously?  We're still on the freakin' kite?

 Chloe: Yeah, let's take a walk - we'll make Daddy pull for a bit and then we'll bust out!

Amber: Cool.  It's fun how everyone on the promenade is laughing at him, pulling an empty wagon as we exert our independence.

Chloe: Independence is EXHAUSTING. 

Amber: True dat.  Let's chill for a bit before the party...

(Party pics coming tomorrow)

*Note from Chloe: Daddy said it was really brave of Mommy to buy a kite depicting an animal of which she is afraid.  I'm not sure why she hates birds so much, but she said that all weekend, she felt like Tippi Hedron.  I don't know what that means.

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