Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Frankie's Party... and a Little Sibling Rivalry

Amber: We had so much fun at Frankie's birthday party on Saturday.  Swings, bounce house, toys, CAKE.  It was awesome.
Chloe: Yeah, it was terrific!  Frankie's a cutie.
Amber: A little young for you, don't you think?
Chloe: I meant for you.
Amber: I'm still trying to decide between Noel and Ethan.  I have my hands full.
Chloe: Right. 
Kyra: What about me?
Amber: Yeah, I'm sure the way you slept thru his entire party really made you seem attractive.
Chloe: I especially liked how the grandmoms all tried to abduct you and the dads all warned the moms not to get any ideas while they held you.

Kyra: I'm pretty charming.
Amber: I won't consider you a threat until you get that projectile vomiting thing completely under control.
Chloe: Oh, calm down.  You're both pretty.
Amber (glares at Kyra)
Kyra (thinks about puking on Amber)
Chloe: ANYWAY.  Back to the party.  We had a lot of fun with the toys Miss Monica provided. We were playing so nicely together with the sidewalk chalk that Mommy was going to come over to take a picture, but by the time she got there, we were fighting over a toy.

Amber: Yup.  Mommy took a picture of the fight (above) instead of breaking it up.  She said that's what moms of multiples do and then she went back to her wine.

Chloe: What spectacular parenting.

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