Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Amber: Summer rules!!!!
Chloe: We love the pool!  This Memorial Day was chilly, so we had almost the entire swim club to ourselves.
Amber: Yeah, man.  It rocked.
Kyra: I found it restful.

Kyra: Really restful.
Chloe: Not us, we were busy... playing in the little pool and swimming like mermaids...
Amber: Playing "keep away" with the ball.
Chloe: That was supposed to be kickball.
Amber: No, YOU were playing kickball.  I was playing HOLD THE BALL AND RUN AWAY.
Chloe (rolls eyes): We were even able to break rules about proximity to the slides and lifeguard stands because no one was around.

Amber: Yeah, we were giving Mommy fits.
Kyra: Well, I enjoyed the chance to rest... and talking with this man.  I swear, he should be on television.  He does this bit about "num-nums" that is a RIOT.  I was peeing myself.

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grams said...

I love these photos! Can't wait to be there!