Monday, May 20, 2013

On the Absence of Snow Leopards

Chloe: We had a great time at the Cape May Zoo last week with Aunt JoJo, Uncle Fuzz, PattyAnne, Aunt Patty, and Mommy.
Amber: We sure did!
Chloe: Even though there were no bears, snow leopards, tigers, or giraffes, we still love you, Cape May Zoo.
Amber: We forgive you, Cape May Zoo.
Chloe: Even though we drove all that way...
Amber: was really far...
Chloe: We're cool with it.
Amber: We totally are.
Chloe:  We're a little pissed off about the snow leopards.
Amber: Yeah, your website is misleading.
Chloe: I'll keep bringing it up to Mommy.
Amber: Absolutely.  She might forget about how pissed we are.
Chloe: Not on my watch.

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