Monday, May 13, 2013

Mommy Post: Mother's Day Weekend

Mommy: On Friday, Kyra and I joined Chloe and Amber at school for a Mother's Day tea, complete with a craft project.  Note to teachers: asking moms to manage glitter ain't a treat.

K and I sprung the big girls early from school and they enjoyed their first dip in the pool for the season... and after driving me crazy all day, they hung out during the evening with Daddy who sent me to the movies (blissfully) alone.  (I departed from most of my friends' Mother's Day weekend selection of Gatsby and with Tony Stark instead.)

On Saturday, I got the hair cut pictured above, also (blissfully) alone.  Yesterday, we had a great time out for brunch with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop...

...even though Kyra had to stick to bottles.  Chloe and Amber enjoyed the buffet and making me take them to the bathroom multiple times.  By rights, I should have had three mimosas since I have three kids, but I stuck with two since I am responsible.  :-)
Happy Mother's Day, everyone!  (Especially to my Mom - aka Grams and Ed's Mom - aka Mom-Mom)

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