Monday, August 17, 2009

Chloe post: I am the Belle of Glenolden

This weekend, I had lots of fun hanging out with Mommy and Daddy in the air conditioning. We played with my toys and took naps each morning and had so much fun... of course, then inevitably, Mommy would get stir crazy and we would have to go out!

I didn't mind, because I am a very social baby.

Daddy didn't mind because he got to beta-test a game in a very quiet apartment without Mommy talking to him and me respectfully seeking his attention.

Saturday night, Mommy got me all dressed up (don't I look pretty in my dress?) and we went to a birthday party for cousin Samantha's boyfriend. I didn't even see him the whole time I was there - I was too busy chilling with my peeps and meeting these dogs. Dogs are confusing. They are like toys that move all by themselves. Licking, loud, active toys.

There was lots of food that smelled really yummy, but no one would let me have any. True that I showed up with some sweet potatoes in my eye, so maybe they were afraid I wouldn't be ladylike. I like to dip my fingers in my mouth when Mommy feeds me and then wipe my fingers across my eyes. I'm trying to keep Mommy on her toes. Chloe: 1, Mommy: 0.
Anyway, I really wanted some souerkraut, but no one would give it up. I tried to steal some from Patti Anne's Pop-Pop, but Mommy was right there! Chloe: 1, Mommy: 1.

Later that night, there were fireworks! I didn't understand what they were, but I was only nervous for a second. I don't enjoy the popping, but the lights were so pretty! I just relaxed with Aunt Patty and watched them. Mommy was so proud that I was such a big girl. Those nutty dogs were not as mature. They were running all over the place and making lots of noise like they wanted a bottle or something. Chloe: 2, Dogs: 0.

Also, I had lots of fun hanging with my girls: Patti Anne and Kate. They are pretty cool and will probably be able to get me into college parties in the fall.

The next day, we played with Daddy for awhile and then Mommy and I went to see everyone at the pool. I am quite the bathing beauty. I'm not afraid of the big pool like some babies. I was kicking and splashing and even put my face in the water to test it out. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but at least I didn't cry. I saw another baby - an OLDER baby - and she was crying. Not me! Chloe: 3, Other Babies: 0.

I also want to give a shout out to Aunt Patty - she really hooked me up yesterday. She brought a Pak'nPlay and a walker for me to play in after I went swimming. This cool walker has two spinning toys that I had fun knocking around. Everyone couldn't believe how well-behaved I was... I simply maintain that the appropriate toys gets the appropriate response. Of course, as Mommy pointed out, "it's easy to be a good girl when everyone takes turns saying how pretty she is." That's a fairly good point. One more point to Mommy for being clever.

So, to recap: with a score of Chloe: 3, Mommy: 2, Dogs: 0, Other Babies: 0, I think we know who is the most clever, bravest, coolest baby on the block, don't we?


Anonymous said...

Chloe....Grams your party dress butI am worried about you "hanging" with your girls at college parties!
Love and kisses to my girl!

Anonymous said...

Chloe...Grams's been a week...what's up with you girl?
Kisses to my baby xoxox