Friday, August 14, 2009

Chloe post: What Mommy has to say about the Eagles' new player

Mommy says that people who hurt animals are VERY BAD people and that I am not allowed to play with them. I'm also not allowed to play with big mean thugs who only apologize for things when they get caught. Mommy believes that coaches who can't keep their kids out of jail should maybe take a break and handle their (bad word) before deciding to recruit dogkillers to play sports in a town already perceived to be filled with insane football fans. Also, she feels strongly that "there is no I in TEAM" and that people with big freakin' egos should hit the highway. Also, she enjoys the Manning brothers. For a couple of days, Mommy was confused about which Manning brother played for what team (Peyton is her fave, but Eli is good, too) and also which NY team T.O. went to when he left the Cowboys (who Mommy also dislikes - both the Cowboys and T.O. - you don't want her to get started on T.O, trust me). Mommy didn't want to be cheering for whichever Manning plays in NY and then accidently cheer for T.O. at the same time. Mommy has a very complicated way of deciding who she is cheering for... But, she stopped someone on the street and he cleared it up:

Eli plays for the NY Giants
T.O. plays for Buffalo
Peyton plays for Indianapolis

Mommy says "GO COLTS" and if in need of a back up "GO GIANTS."

Daddy says Mommy is a nutball. Mommy says "(Bad word), Daddy" and also "GO PHILS."


Tallahassee Techie said...

I think Mommy has a good perspective on bab people and big egos and is instilling good morals for Chloe! Go Mommy!

BTW - what is up with the Cub's fan throwing beer?

Anonymous said...

good stuff, how can you not like an Eli?

Anonymous said...

Grams here....OMG my little Gator cheering for Peyton Manning!? I am stunned!

Heather and Ed and Chloe said...

Hey, at least he's from the SEC and never shot a dog.