Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chloe post: I am a Legacy

This weekend, Mommy and I went to Norfolk, VA for the Phi Sigma Sigma convention. Mommy is a Phi Sigma Sigma and I am a legacy. The Phi Sigs all said that I was very sweet and pretty and I had lots of fun meeting them, too. Some of them had babies for me to talk with and I really liked that. I am becoming very sociable.

I also had a great time hanging out with Grams and Grandpa! They drove all the way from Lake Lure to baby sit me while Mommy was in lots of meetings. We had such a good time! They brought me some presents and took me on lots of walks around Norfolk. We also went swimming in the pool. I am becoming quite the little fishy. I am trying to learn how to kick my legs and I didn't even cry when my face went under the water. I am getting so big and brave!

I also liked meeting Connor. He is Phi Sig Joanne's little boy. We made friends. I really like chewing on my fingers, so I thought he might like them, too. Mommy says that I am very thoughtful.

It was a really fun weekend and I enjoyed seeing my Aunt Diane (see my post about her below - she was late to convention because she was busy testifying in Washington), spending time with the Phi Sigs I met at the Golf tournament, and meeting lots of new people - like Mommy's friend Amy. Here's a picture of her and Mommy from Saturday night. Don't they look pretty?

At the Sphinx Banquet, I even got to help Mommy and Aunt Diane pick up an award for the Philly girls. The Grand Archon held me and I had my picture taken and everything. It was lots of fun!

My only disaster occurred while Mommy was packing and I fell off the bed! Mommy should have been more careful - I scoot around quite quickly now and off I went! I face planted on the carpet and got rug burn on my nose... but I am now so glad to be back and out of the car finally, that I forgave Mommy. She's still my friend.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Chloe...Grams here...we LOVED playing with you all weekend,but I have to tell you we were tired! You are so busy and active! Granpa and Grams had so much fun with you.....can't wait to see you again!Love Grams xoxox

Lisa R. said...

Dear Chloe,

You are so cute and sweet - and at first, when I saw you standing by mommy's friend Amy, I thought you were Amy's baby! And then I saw that cute little button nose... and so I paused a moment to really, really look at you, and saw that little sparkle in your eye, and knew that smile! It *was* YOU! It helped that Mommy was near you that time. Mommy's friend Lisa was pretty distracted over the weekend, so I'm glad you bore with her.

I think your Mommy and Aunt Diane and all Mommy's friends are very much the "bestest," and you are in excellent hands among your future sisters! Your Dad is pretty great, too. Wait 'til you see him hit the dance floor. It's quite impressive!

Hope the trip home wasn't too bad. I didn't get home until yesterday, but I'm happy to be home now!! I'll look forward to seeing you again very soon! Love to Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Diane and everyone who loves you - but that must be the whole world, because you *are* that adorable!



Jennifer said...

I see that leopard print bathing suits run in the family. Is that Grams in a backless animal suit? RACY.

The photo over Grams' shoulder looks just like Ed (except a female version). I don't even see Heather in there right now (whereas I'd only seen her, not Ed, before). It's amazing how quickly babies change and how different they look day to day!

She is definitely not the girl you brought home!