Saturday, August 8, 2009

My baby is bilingual... and also a ruler of the universe

Yesterday, on our way to school, Chloe sat in her car seat, casually chewing her bear and clearly stated: "Et da Boo." I think it's crystal clear that what she was saying is "Mother, I am eating the Pooh Bear."

It's incredible to me just how fast she is growing. All of a sudden, the child has begun moving at the speed of sound... I'm not sure how that is possible since she can't even crawl yet. She has perfected the inchworm, though, and I can tell you one thing: Daddy and I are SCREWED. The days of putting her on her playmat and leaving her there while I go do the dishes are OVER. Over, I tell you.

She's also starting to have her own personality. The other day, I smelled something vile coming from the direction of her pants and when I looked to confirm, I swear the kid smirked at me. On Tuesday, when I took her to school after having been gone for several days, the only other baby there was going to sleep. I sat Chloe down on the carpet with all the toys and she looked around, confirmed that she was the only one down there, and a look of sheer ecstasy came over her face. I am confident she was thinking, "it's mine - it's all mine!" Then on Thursday, she and Zavier chased their teacher around the room because she had the audacity to have Chinese food for lunch and not share.

She is simply incredible, but it has become abundantly clear: Chloe is in charge and woe to the Mommy or Daddy who forgets that.

PS. from Chloe: Mommy speaks the truth. And there better not be any more peas. You wouldn't like me when I'm confronted with peas.


Anonymous said...

Grams here!
Chloe dear we are in complete PEASuck!
Demand carrots!
Kisses to my girlxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Grams here!
Chloe I hear that you are really making mommy and daddy jump through hoops! You go girl....your pix are too cute!Have a good day at school tomorrow...xoxo Grams