Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chloe Post: I *Still* Don't Know Where Daddy Is...

(see how confused I am!)

But, boy did Mommy and I have a fun day! We had ladies over for crafting and brunch. I especially enjoyed the Mexican Crustless Quiche and fruit - I didn't even mind sharing my fruit once I was sure Mommy saved some just for me.

I got into the crafting, too - after my nap, Mom-Mom came over and brought me a bunch of Easter presents, including this coloring book. Mommy said that she got "grandmothered" because Mom-Mom brought over lots of Easter grass and markers. Markers are fun and unlike crayons, I can color my face and arms with markers. That makes them better.


When Mom-Mom left, Mommy and I had some dinner and for dessert, we split a cupcake. YUM. Cupcakes RULE.

What a fun day - I'm so thankful to everyone who came to visit us today!!

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grams said...

I LOVE this PICTURE! Kisses to my girl