Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chloe Post: Party in My Room

Whoo Hoo! I cleaned UP at the Cozy Tots sale this weekend!! Mommy left early Saturday morning to drive up to Bryn Athyn to check things out and she came home with some new clothes and a barely used jacket and other cute things for me... but wait until you see my new loot!!

She told Daddy that she wasn't going to get anything that makes noise because "we already have that covered" and that she was only looking for things that I could use with my imagination.

First up: I love playing with the magnetic drawing pads at school and Mommy said she was really sad that she couldn't find one at the sale... but then she foraged and saw it underneath other stuff. She said it's possible that another Mommy was also reaching for it, but my Mommy is fast!

Used MagnaDoodle, missing small choking hazard magnets, but fully functional with magnetic pen. Cost to Mommy: $2 and perhaps karma points if the other Mommy really WAS making a grab.

Next up, I believe that Mommy has reported to you all about how I am taking such good care of Teresa. Well, now Teresa has her own bed! Sometimes, she still sleeps with me, but this way we can play. Mommy found this small receiving blanket so Teresa will stay warm. I also like to climb onto Teresa's bed with her, but Mommy says that won't work long term.

Very gently used plastic Dora bed. Cost to Mommy: $4

But, here it is - the very most fabulous. Mommy said she debated this because she thought Daddy would think that she was nuts. She even walked away, but then kept on coming back because she knew how much I would love it. Oh, look. Look at how FABULOUS. I am a movie star.

Plastic vanity table with star-shaped mirror and matching chair. Cost to Mommy: the manicure and pedicure she planned to get after the sale - $25. Mommy does get points for creativity - getting this thing in the car was a trick.

Calculations by Mommy:
Total spent at Cozy Tots for the above + a bunch of clothes = $55
Seeing Chloe scream with excitement as I came up the steps with all her stuff and also watching her climb up to her makeup table every chance she gets = Priceless

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grams said...

This is a fabulous posting! We can all see how artistic you are with the magna doodle, and you are such a good mommy to Theresa...but my favorite photo is the one of you looking in the mirror is TOO CUTE!
Kisses to my girl xoxox