Monday, March 22, 2010

Chloe Post: Illness be Gone

Whew. Here I am last night - relieved that my family is finally finished with the stomach flu. On Thursday, I began the infestation. I then passed it to Mommy and Daddy over the weekend. Mommy and Daddy were mystified that such a little baby would have the capacity to distribute such maximum germ warfare into our small home. But, I did. Oh, boy I sure did.

This is another picture of me being happy. Mommy says I look a little dorky in this shot, but that I should include it because it shows my awesome teeth. Whoot.

1 comment:

grams said...

Hey there Chloe!
Glad everyone is feeling better now....and tell Mommy that I don't think that photo showing your teeth is dorky! It is very cute!
Kisses to my girl xoxoxo