Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chloe is Ready for Her Close Up, Mr. DeMille

When I brought Chloe home from the hospital, my colleagues from Burness Communications sent us this adorable jumper from Hanna Anderson. It was, of course, way too big for a newborn, but I had no idea what size it was because they are all freaky and European with their sizes. So, I would occasionally hold it up to her and say "Nah, not yet."

Well, it finally fits! So, I thought I would take a photo to send to Janet to thank her again for sending such a cute gift.

Chloe was of a different mindset.

She preferred to do close ups.
And when I said, "Come on, Chlo - smile," she threw her head back and said "CHEEEE" which I can only imagine they taught her at school:

So, sorry, Janet, it didn't work out. But I think we can all agree that this is the cutest thing EVER.


Long Term said...

Dear Chloes: You look maaarvelous...and you are adorable. It truly is you! Love, auntie Janet

grams said...

Chloe..when you are ready I'll watch Sunset Blvd. with ou...since you are ready for your close-up!
"we didn't need dialogue...we had FACES!" ( that's for mommy!)