Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finally - Mother's Day 2010

Mommy finally got around to uploading these photos!
Don't we look nice? We had a yummy brunch with Daddy and Mom-Mom and then we went shopping.
Mommy is silly.

Here I am with Daddy and Mom-Mom. Don't they look so happy to spend the day with me?

She was excited that I wore this pretty dress from Grams, because yellow is her favorite color! Mom-Mom and I matched... of course it's hard to keep party dresses clean, so I had to change clothes when we went to Aunt Joanne and Uncle Craig's house for dinner...

Scott always wears this hat and he let me play with it.


Mother's Day is hard work. Patty and I needed a rest.

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Anonymous said...

PHOTOS OF JEWELRY PLEASE. You know that some of us are obsessed by it.