Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where are all those Mother's Day pictures?

I know that Grams and Mom-Mom are sitting at their respective computers and thinking, "Where the heck are all those Mother's Day photos of that adorable baby?" (And, no - they don't mean of Ed.)

Well, we do have plenty of pictures. But, after a truly wonderful weekend, the Chloster suffered a setback yesterday... she was rocking a temp of 102 while teething and was abso-freaking-lutely miserable. And so was I. And so was Ed. She is doing much better, I am back at work and Ed is home with her for one more day of relaxation... but I don't know where my camera or camera cord are, but I suspect they are both on the dining room table. I swear, I need a maid just to handle the dining room table.

Anyway, to recap my fun-filled Mother's Day weekend:

Friday - I ditched the Muppet and Muppet Daddy and went shopping with Lucinda at the outlets in Pottstown where I purchased a lovely Coach tote for myself. FABulous.

Saturday - Chloe and I hung out while Daddy worked and then I dropped her at Mom-Mom's so Daddy and I could go out by OURSELVES. We went to a pub and we were half-way thru a plate of wings when he said, "I'm not going to lie - It's kind of nice that she's not here. Is that bad?" And I said, "No way. If she were, she'd totally try to take our wings."

Then, we went to the AMC Marple to see Iron Man 2, but we couldn't because their power was out! Luckily, we made it in to see it at the Granite Run Mall - which I was able to find without my GPS. (I know where it is, but not from where I WAS, don't judge me.) It was AWESOME. Ed liked it more than the first, but I don't know about all that. Couple of things for Jon Favreau: 1) Pepper was all whiney-looking and annoying. Try to fix that in the next movie. 2) If you are going to use all AC/DC music, you should have totally used "Have a Drink on Me" because that should be Tony Stark's theme song. 3) We like Don Cheadle. Thanks for making that switch. And a tip for you if you haven't seen it yet: stay thru the credits, because there is a teaser that you will want to see. If you don't know what the item in the teaser is, let me know because I can tell you... because Ed explained it to me. Heh.

After the movie, we ran into the mall because I needed wrapping paper and after Hallmark, Ed said, "Let's go in here and get something for Mommy" and I looked up and it was a jewelry store! I got two new charms for my bracelet and Ed picked out this neat bangle bracelet with an amethyst on each end. Yay for me!

Sunday - In the morning, we took Mom-Mom out for brunch at Ruby Tuesday's and walked around the mall a bit. Ed prevented a young ne'er-do-well from stealing stickers out of a book at the bookstore and I bought Chloe a small Dalmation toy from the Disney Store. She woofs at it. It's a riot.

Poor Ed had to work Sunday night, so Chloe and I went to see Aunt Joanne and Uncle Craig and company for a very yummy dinner. I remember thinking that it was odd that Chloe didn't want to eat much, but in retrospect it makes sense... I think her mouth was starting to bother her. So, we came home and went to bed. I was so exhausted, I couldn't even watch the gut-wrencing episode of Brothers & Sisters that ABC was promising. Oh, well.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who made my Mother's Day so wonderful... and Happy Mother's Day to Grams, Mom-Mom, Aunt Joanne, Aunt Patty, Mom-Mom Faust... and I promise I'll get those photos up soon!

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