Thursday, December 9, 2010


The other day, Chloe found an elephant toy in her room from when she was little(r). It's a stuffed animal, made by Lamaze toy company and while it's fine for her to play with, it was developmentally designed for a younger kid. She liked it a lot when she was a baby, so maybe that's what drew her attention to it. Anyway, this morning, she was walking around with it and showing it to me and saying, "My elephant." I said, "Yes, Chloe, that is your elephant... hey, do you think you might share your elephant with Amber?"

C: "Yes, Mommy."

H: "That is so nice of you, Chloe! Sharing is nice."

Chloe then grabbed at my turtleneck and started pulling.

C: "Pull up, Mommy, pull up!"

(That is what she says when she wants to converse with Amber or give her a kiss or something.)

So, I bared my tum and she thrust the elephant forward and said, "Amber, ELEPHANT."

I was trying so hard not to laugh and all I could come up with was this: "That is so nice, Chloe... it might work better when Amber is out though, right? It will be better when she's out so we can play with her. I mean, come on Amber, get out!"

C: "Get OUT, Amber!"

I couldn't agree more. LOL

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