Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mommy Post: My Girls

Wow. I can't believe that my little one is a week old. I feel like the week just slipped away from me when I wasn't looking. Here she is on Sunday, her one week "birthday day" (in Chloe-speak). Look at her. She is the most precious thing. And (knock wood) so far, such a good baby! When my friend Candace first met Chloe, she said, "Uh-oh - this is a Sucker Baby... she'll sucker you right into more!" (It's worth noting that Candace hasn't seen a more grown-up Chloe throw a temper tantrum. LOL). But, I think I have two Sucker Babies.
Just look at her. You can just see how soft her hair is and how she looks so peaceful. She looks like her ultrasound - she really and truly does. So precious.

Wow again, because look at my Big Girl! She was inside me once. I can't even believe it. She has so quickly become her own person with her own opinions and her own thoughts that it's sometimes hard to remember that she once existed solely within my body. Look at her with her beautiful smile and perfect posture (so unlike Mommy) and her gorgeous curls. Can you believe that Ed and I made her?! Because I can't. It often feels to me that I went to one of those pricey doll stores and bought her.

You know, I posted the other day that it's hard being a Mommy to two girls (precious and perfect though they are), but so what? I'm in one of those moments when I think, "So f-in what? It's hard. Get over it... because it's the best thing you've ever done or will ever do in this life."

Of course, one is at day care and one is asleep.


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