Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mommy Post: Amber is One Week Old Today

Well, the camera cord is upstairs, the computer is upstairs, I am upstairs. The camera is downstairs. That's the perfect metaphor anyway. LOL

Amber Katherine is a week old today and we are all completely enchanted by her - even Chloe... except when she's throwing a fit because I don't have a shovel for her. Or throwing a fit because Ed and I canNOT handle another episode of anything from NickJr. Or throwing a fit because a piece of lint rolled across the floor. Or whatever.

I am totally addicted to both of my girls - I can't remember what it was like before we had Amber (or at least had the promise of her when I was pregnant), but I tell you this with all honesty:

This shit is harder than grad school.

And I just want to put that out there and say it because I don't think we say things like that enough. I am totally in love with both of them and cannot imagine my life differently. But, I cried 4 times on Wednesday. The good news, of course, is that I haven't cried since then. :-)

Seriously, it's a freakin' madhouse around here... but, we're all really happy amidst the chaos. And when I can finally coordinate the camera, cord, computer and blogger in the same room at the same time, I will upload more photos. But, let's be honest. It won't be today.

P.S. I baked about 8 dozen Christmas cookies yesterday and tackled holiday shopping at Acme today. I rule. Except when the lady asked me how I wanted the dried beef sliced and I told her I didn't care and she asked again (trying to be helpful and clarify) and I loudly declared, "I HAD A BABY A WEEK AGO. THEY WILL EAT WHAT I GIVE THEM."

heh. lol

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Anonymous said...

I imagine it IS hard. And worthwhile things always are. That's what I tell myself when I fear something is going to defeat me. Luckily, we all get better at handling tough stuff. We will wait patiently for photos!