Monday, December 20, 2010

Amber Post: I Like to Sleep

As far as I can figure, there's a Curvy One that calls herself "Mommy," a Non-Curvy One that calls himself "Daddy," and a Small Loud One that calls herself "Chloe." I like them all in their own way, but the Non-Curvy One has no pillows for me to sleep on and the Loud One does not really promote sleep. And at this stage of the game, I won't lie - the sleep is probably my favorite thing.

Then, on Saturday, two more showed up - a Tall One calling himself "Pop-Pop" and a Bubbly One calling herself "Mom-Mom."

Like the Curvy One, the Bubbly One also promotes good sleep. She can come back anytime.

The Bubbly One is also really smart - she knows that the Loud One can be tamed with presents:

That's it for me - I'm going back to sleep.

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