Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Amber's Movin' On Up

Amber: I totally rock at Tummy Time - I am SUPER BABY. But, Mommy and Daddy said that the Other One moved around more. Whatevs. Why should I move toward the toys when people will just give me more toys? GIVE ME MORE TOYS, PEOPLE. Where is my Lovey?

Amber: But, I do need to get more exercise so Mommy said I can start using this walker. Daddy brought it up from the basement and it's cool! I can move backwards, but not forewards yet. Who cares? There's nothing in front of me I need.


Chloe: All that working out can tax a baby. Man, this kid can be a handful, but look at her. How could I not share my monkey with her? She's our sweetest thing.

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