Thursday, May 26, 2011

And Now... The Photos.

With the first baby, there are lots of perks. You take lots of photos at the baby shower and plan to show them to the baby when he or she is grown. Family members find heirlooms that they insist be passed on to the special new baby. Friends make photo albums and everyone gets super excited as the days count down to the baby's birth and future milestones.

And then you become pregnant with Miracle #2 and people shrug and go, "Oh, doing that again, huh?" and go about their day... which is why I am over the moon to report an incredibly cool thing that Amber got that Chloe didn't: a professional photographer at her christening.

Thanks to the generosity of the very talented (and awfully cute) Kevin Yoshimitsu, I have WONDERFUL photos to share with you!


Katie Vlietstra said...

The photos of Chloe standing on her own in the beach are amazing---You have a beautiful family.

Heather Kelley, Thirty-One Consultant said...

Thank you!!